University of Sharjah - Academic Credentials & Accreditation

The Blockchain Powered Educational Credentials solution is an easy to integrate academic credentials verification solution built on Blockchain that offers seamless credential management.


Business Case


Developing Blockchain Framework for Validating, Authentication & Equivalency of Academic Certification and Academic Institution Accreditation.




Solution comprises different components for different stakeholders  and it can be used to issue:


  • Educational Credentials Management (transcripts, certificate, diploma, degree, equivalence certificate could be extended to micro credentials as well)
  • It involves the credential issuing authority, higher-level governing bodies, Academic Institution Accreditation, the alumni, and 3rd party verifier.

Technologies Used


  • BSV Blockchain
  • Node JS Backend
  • React JS Frontend
  • Mongo DB




  • Immutable and Tamper-Proof
  • Fully Automated and Time & Cost Saving
  • Certificate Digitization & Attestation and Verification.
  • Document Management for storage and management of files.