CurveBlock - Tokenization & Blockchain Implementation

CurveBlock aims to be the world’s first ever centralized finance Blockchain-based property development company which pays digital shareholders direct dividends from every project completed via distributed ledger technology and smart contracts.


Business Case

CurveBlock is a platform that uses technology to enable people to invest (Stake) in property development projects in return for a share of the profit.


MateSol together with  EV provided consultation & technical expertise for the development of development of white paper and token model, Blockchain implementation along with legal and compliance assistance. This platform pays digital shareholders direct dividends from their every completed project via Blockchain’s technology and smart contracts/auctions. Investors and traders can deposit their virtual money in the platform’s protected custodial wallets.


Technologies Used

  • Solana Blockchain
  • Node JS Backend
  • React JS Frontend
  • S4Encrypt (KYC & AML)



  • Staking and Trading Platform
  • Investor Registration
  • KYC & AML Process
  • Master and User Wallets
  • Dividend Snapshot for Profit calculation and distribution.
  • Payment Gateways Integrations