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An end-to-end digital platform that aims to strengthen trust and automation at each point of the invoice processing, payment & financing processes.



Business Case


Invoices are the world’s most used financial document. Typical invoice processing is a tedious and error-prone process due to the sheer number of moving parts. There presents a need for an efficient and robust system that offers fluidity and integrity at the core of businesses.





InvoiceMate is designed to provide unshakable integrity and transparency to invoice processing never before seen in legacy solutions, by using Blockchain which keeps a permanent track of every move in a chronological record. InvoiceMate uplifts invoice processing and saves countless hours of reconciliation efforts.



Technologies Used


  • BSV Blockchain
  • Node JS Backend
  • Kubernetes Deployment Engine




  • Invoice Submission
  • Invoice Workflow Management
  • Transaction History (invoices, workflows & payments)
  • 360° Invoice View
  • Robust Financial Analytics
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