An end-to-end digital platform that aims to strengthen trust and automation at each point of the invoice processing, payment & financing processes.

University of Sharjah - MedDrop

Delivering Medical Supplies Through an Efficient and Smart Long-Range Drone for Medical Supplies Delivery and Transport in Dubai.

University of Sharjah - Solar EV Project

Application for managing Solar EV Power generation & vehicle charging system.

Sindh Police RMS

Blockchain-powered Resource Management System. Managing inventory & distribution of Police warehouse inventory. two types of transactions that qualify for On-Chain i.e.

1- Sourcing Transactions

2- Distribution / Delivery Transactions


State of the art Enterprises Blockchain Explorer, providing transaction-verification and robust statistics and can be integrated with any blockchain system/network to provide analytics and insights.

University of Sharjah - Academic Credentials & Accreditation

The Blockchain Powered Educational Credentials solution is an easy to integrate academic credentials verification solution built on Blockchain that offers seamless credential management.

CurveBlock -Tokenization & Blockchain Implementation

CurveBlock aims to be the world’s first ever centralized finance Blockchain-based property development company which pays digital shareholders direct dividends from every project completed via distributed ledger technology and smart contracts.